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I have been working as a live illustrator since 2012.  Creating bespoke, hand -painted illustrations in various department stores and boutiques.

For several years I have worked with GIORGIO ARMANI, for new fragrance launches, New Year, St Valentines Day, Mothers Day and other big celebrations. Personalising Armani Fragrance packaging with watercolour floral illustrations. And also creating bespoke hand-painted greeting cards, with floral and fashion illustration. Events took place in Harrods, Selfridges London, Birmingham and Manchester.

In autumn 2016 I have been invited to paint flowers on the Clinique Perfume bottles at Harrods London. Painted bottles were extremely popular with the customers. Every fragrance bottle were customised with various flowers and customers initials or names.

Since February 2017, I am working as an illustrator in Jo Malone London. Every two Sundays a month I am drawing on the Jo Malone boxes at Regents Street Boutique.

Please find photographs, videos and more information below. If you are interested in hosting live painting event or would like to be invited for my next event please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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